Campaign Update - January 1, 2017

The Building the Bridge campaign was kicked off at the South Dakota Conference of the United Church of Christ in June, 2014. As of January 1, 2017, we have received 230 pledges totaling $294,035 which equals 59% of our pledge goal.


Building the Bridge for Future Generations

Why does Placerville need a capital campaign?

There is a truth: Anyone who has been to Placerville Camp knows how wonderful it is. The spiritual renewal, joy, peace, friendship and love experienced at Placerville are felt for a lifetime. It is something that should be shared with all generations to come.  

There is a struggle: Placerville has not been bringing in enough income to cover expenses. Interest income has been keeping Placerville’s books balanced. With the state of the economy, there may be a time when Placerville can no longer rely on interest income. Expenses have been reduced as much as possible. To increase income, Placerville needs to increase usage or fees.

There is a solution.

Projects to be funded

1. Camp Road - $100,000

As wonderful and unique as our camp road is, not everyone finds it safe or enjoyable. Poor road conditions have resulted in a minimum of $16,000 annual loss of income. Road improvements will include replacing washed out gravel, installing culverts to minimize future washout and widen a few areas.

2. Lodge - $310,000

A new ~5,000 square foot lodge will be able to bring in new people to Placerville as well as accommodate those with limited mobility. It will house 20-25 people, home quality mattresses, a meeting space and kitchenette all on one level. This facility can generate $27,000 per year if filled just two weekends a month during the off-season. The lodge will be built with volunteer labor and will replace Reed Cabin. This lodge would cost approximately $600,000 without volunteer labor.

3. Director's Cabin and Workshop - $90,000

Over the years, it has been necessary to convert Pogany into staff housing. We have also noted degradation of our machinery due to outdoor storage. A new 3200 square foot director’s cabin with ground level workshop will provide protection for our equipment, space to work on volunteer projects and updated onsite housing for the camp director. This building will also be built with volunteer labor. Estimated cost without volunteer labor is about $385,000. Volunteer labor is exceedingly important to Placerville camp with at least 85% of projects being completed with volunteer labor.

Campaign Goal: $500,000

Everyone can help! We can meet this goal if

  • Every SD UCC member made one $65 donation!
  • 1,068 people donated the cost of one latte ($3) per week for three years.
  • 694 people donated $20 per month for three years.
  • 456 people donated $1 per day for three years.
  • 167 people donated $1000 per year for three years.
  • 5 wonderfully generous people donated $100,000!





Lodge Adoption Opportunities

To name lodge $125,000
To name 1 of 6 bedrooms $20,000
To furnish meeting area $5,000
To furnish kitchenette $2,500
To furnish 1 bedroom $1,500

We all have different capacities for giving. Consider what Placerville has given to you:  friendship, acceptance, spiritual connection, inspiration, family. Giving your financial support to Placerville not only strengthens its future, it is a gift of giving Placerville to those who haven’t experienced the joy.

How to Donate

The campaign will span a three year period ending in June 2017.  Your donations can be as a single donation, yearly donation or recurring donation (i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.)  We will keep track of your donations and provide you with a receipt for tax deduction purposes.  Each project will not begin construction until it has reached full funding.

Download a pledge card (PDF)

Please make checks payable to: Placerville Building the Bridge

You may send donations to:

C/O Heather Thoreson

Placerville Committee

2315 N. Ivy Road

Tea, SD 57064


Thank you for your generosity. Your gift will help assure that Placerville will be a wonderful presence for future generations.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Heather Thoreson, Campaign Coordinator, by email at or call (605)201-4205.