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Women's Camp: June 15-18

Join us for a time of fellowship, faith-building and fun. Enjoy crafts, spiritual renewal, singing, praying, great food, exercise, quiet time -- all in the company of some great women! Bring along your children from babies to 3rd grade. Babysitting will be supplied for children up to the 1st grade.

Before June 1st - $310

Children up to 1st grade - $130

After June 1st - $335

Children up to 1st grade - $155

Shining Stars: June 15-18

Children who have completed grade 2-3. Young children are invited to accompany their mothers or grandmothers to camp. They will have their own cabin and activities, but will be close enough to mom to transition into camping at Placerville without having to take the plunge alone. Faith stories, crafts, hikes, games, singing and helping with the daily chores are all part of the Shining Stars experience!

Grade Completed: 2nd - 3rd

Before June 1st - $285

After June 1st - $310

Seekers: June 21-26

Youth who have completed grades 4-5. Celebrate faith and fun in God's creation as we come together to worship, play games, do crafts, hike, learn about Christian faith and grow together in Christian community. Make new friends, strengthen your friendship with God and enjoy living in the midst of the beautiful Black Hills with others your age.

Grade Completed: 4th - 5th


Transportation provided for an additional fee.

Before June 1st - $375

After June 1st - $400

Faith Explorers: July 5-10

Youth who have completed grades 6-8. As you grow older, faith in God becomes a more personal thin g. Explore how God works in your life and in the world. Experience a we ek in Christian fellowship with talk around the campfire, hikes, games, crafts, worship and other activities. See how your relationship with God takes shape when you are an active faith explorer.

Grade Completed: 6th - 8th


Transportation provided for an additional fee.

Before June 1st - $375

After June 1st - $400

Crossroads: July 12-18

This camp is for youth who have completed 9th-12th grades. Come to Crossroads to  discover how God is working in your life. Through large and small group activities , explore what it means to be a Christian teenager. Spend time in renewal, hiking, crafting, planning worship, visiting with friends old and new, and just experiencing God's presence. Live for a week in intense Christian fellowship and see how it strengthens your relationship with God and changes your life!

Grade Completed: 9th - 12th

Transportation provided for an additional fee.

Before June 1st - $405

After June 1st - $430

Family Camp: July 19-25


Come enjoy time with your fa mily at Placerville! There will be separate learning times for  adults and children and shared times for recreation, work, worship and singing. Come be a part of a wonderful week your family will always cherish, time spent together.

All ages 

Before June 1st - $355
13 yrs. and up

$210 -  6 to 12 yrs.
Free stay to up 5 yrs.

After June 1st - $380

$235 - 6-12 yrs.

Max Family Cost: $1200

Grand Camp: June 26-28

Do you like to spend time with your grandkids? This camp is designed to get the grandparents and grandchildren out into nature to enjoy God’s beauty together. This weekend is full of fellowship, scripture, crafts and activities. Come and enjoy some wonderful bonding time with your grandkids!  Grandchildren up to age 9.

Before June 1st - $170 adult, $110 youth

After June 1st - $195 adult, $135 youth

Fall Youth Event: November 13-15